Study in Latvia for Pakistani Students Complete Guide

    Labeled as the “Pearl of the Baltic States” and “Europe’s Best Kept Secret”, Latvia boasts distinct qualities which set it apart from its European neighbors. The country has one of the best conservatories for wildlife, with its vast collection of forests, intricate networks of rivers, and gorgeous lakes contributing to 44% of the country’s total territory. The unique weather is also an attractive prospect for those willing to live and take up education in Latvia. Its geographical location allows for a more diverse climate, where conditions are generally mild and humid, with no abrupt changes in temperature.

    Many consider the history of Latvia as one of the best underdog stories, as it has successfully overcome a tumultuous past to transform itself into a highly developed country, with a world-renowned culture that anyone who is pursuing an education in Latvia could enjoy. It is also a member of many international organizations, such as the EU, NATO, and UN. The study guide sections below offer further and more detailed information on what to expect when undertaking education in Latvia.

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    Living Costs & Student Accommodation in Latvia

    Student accommodation in Latvia is normally provided for by the universities through student dormitories or hostels. Universities also have international student advisors who provide housing assistance or advice. It is recommended that prospective students should work with their chosen institution regarding accommodation as the real estate market in Latvia can be a little bit tricky to navigate.

    Accomodation in Latvia for Pakistani Students

    Student hostel/dormitories

    • €70 – €120

    Solo Flat

    • €250 – €350

    Shared Flat

    • €100 – €200

    Food Cost in Latvia for Pakistani Students

    • €120 – 250

    Transport in Latvia

    • Public transport (with student discount): €16 for each month (buses, trams, trolleybuses)
    • A one-way ticket for public transport: €1.15
    • Taxi (city center to suburbs): €7 – €15 (only 1 transfer).

    Cost of Living in Riga

    While living costs in Latvia will depend on the city, type of accommodation, and one’s lifestyle, everyday expenses in this Baltic state are still generally cheaper compared to many European countries.

    It is estimated that around €450 – 700 (USD$ 553 – USD$ 861) is enough to cover necessities such as food, transportation, utilities, and accommodation for a month.

    Cities of Latvia


    Riga is the capital of Latvia and is the largest metropolis in the three Baltic States. Dubbed as the European Capital of Culture in 2014, students wanting to come to Riga will get to combine a world-class cultural experience with the highest quality of education available in Latvia.


    Ventspils has distinguished itself as one of Latvia’s best success stories by managing to reach new heights of development in recent years, successfully transforming itself into a flourishing city known for its friendly community, sprawling infrastructures, and vast collection of cultural and leisure facilities.

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